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Weight Loss
MY reasons to lose weight:
Numb arms
I want to wear sexier clothes.
I want men DESIRE me
I've always wanted to be a jogger/runner
I believe it will be easier to get a job if I am thinner
Heart health- as I have a heart murmur
I want to have more things to do and not tire so easily

(will add more later)

Really frustrated right now. I'm sick, but I am beginning to suspect that it's not sick, but a really bad case of allergies. I think my bedroom is the problem because when I leave my room all day then I start to feel better.  Granted, I'm still stuffed up. I haven't been to the gym in 5 days... :( sorry purple team!!  I'm really kicking myself over it but I just can't seem to breath!! Taking an extremely hot shower as soon as the person in the bathroom is done. I actually miss the gym!!! Its just that I can imagine everyone asking me if I am okay because I already am out of breath when I workout, now being all stuffed up, everyone else will also ask. Bah. 

I asked my sister if I could take her dog for a walk (not go to the gym) get some fresh air and walk around. She said I could. So, hopefully that happens today.  I wish there was better trails around here. 

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Hey girl! I'm on the purple team so I added you.

Don't worry about doing full blown workouts. Just get in there and do even five or ten mins. I have been having some trouble breathing lately, so I think I'm fighting off a cold or something. I can't do as much as before but I can tell it helps, even though it is a lot harder. And if you don't manage to bring the dog out on a walk, go for a walk anyway!

We can do this! :D

You know why I want to lose weight? Of course for the health benefits and to feel pretty, but...I'm tired of being hot! I'm talking temperature hot. No matter where I am I am burning up because I have so much extra insulation. I'm ready to be one of those annoying skinny people who are always cold! I'm not even kidding. Haha.

Don't worry about working out. If you can't breathe, you can't breathe. As long as you're not pigging out every day, it's not going to kill your weight loss to not work out. I didn't work out at all last week, honestly, and I lost 3 pounds because I was super careful to not go over my calorie goal. Just eating right can be enough to get a loss. By all means, try a small walk and see how you feel, but if you get out there and realize you can't do it then that's okay. Get better and then you can work out.

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