My private intense thoughts of bitching


Weight Loss
MY reasons to lose weight:
Numb arms
I want to wear sexier clothes.
I want men DESIRE me
I've always wanted to be a jogger/runner
I believe it will be easier to get a job if I am thinner
Heart health- as I have a heart murmur
I want to have more things to do and not tire so easily

(will add more later)

Really frustrated right now. I'm sick, but I am beginning to suspect that it's not sick, but a really bad case of allergies. I think my bedroom is the problem because when I leave my room all day then I start to feel better.  Granted, I'm still stuffed up. I haven't been to the gym in 5 days... :( sorry purple team!!  I'm really kicking myself over it but I just can't seem to breath!! Taking an extremely hot shower as soon as the person in the bathroom is done. I actually miss the gym!!! Its just that I can imagine everyone asking me if I am okay because I already am out of breath when I workout, now being all stuffed up, everyone else will also ask. Bah. 

I asked my sister if I could take her dog for a walk (not go to the gym) get some fresh air and walk around. She said I could. So, hopefully that happens today.  I wish there was better trails around here. 


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